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December 17, 2022 


I think we can all agree that our building is a Westbank treasure. It may be beaten, battered and neglected at this point but the potential, once we restore it, is endless. We believe that it will, once again, be the nicest facility on the Westbank. We look forward to the challenge of not only restoring it to its past glory but to also adding modern touches that will help welcome generations to come. The following is offered as an update:

1. The cover board for the roof is on site and its installation started today (12/15.) The TPO will go on next (it is in hand and ready to be delivered) That will be followed by flashing. The flashing job will be complicated because of the numerous levels of the roof. Flashing will be followed by gutters and downspouts. I anticipate the roof and gutter system will be completed in four weeks. I realize that this project has taken longer than expected but, in the end, we will have a better facility that doesn’t require half of the maintenance that a flat roof does, it will be more energy efficient and hopefully be cheaper to insure. Café Hope’s investment is over three hundred thousand above what the insurance company allowed for the roof replacement.

2. Phase 2 will begin as soon as the roof project is finished. I hope everyone understands that we could not start interior work prior to the building being closed to the elements. Phase 2 will include: building out of the new Pro Shop, installation of the new bathrooms, start of new plumbing, electrical and A/C systems, remodeling of the lounge and dining area, construction of the new meeting room and the remodel of the entire kitchen. Once phase 2 is complete we anticipate being able to welcome everyone back into the club house.

3. Phase 3 will consist of the ballroom remodel, remodel of upstairs ballroom and the painting of the exterior.

4. The renovation work that was required in the Snack Shop is complete. We expect that inspections will take place any day now. Once we clear that hurdle, we can apply for the liquor license. I am hopeful that we can get this completed by the end of the year. Café Hope is in the process of identifying and hiring a new staff for the Snack Shop.

Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward with this process!!

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